Why Partner With Us

Fair Pricing

Half the cost of hiring agencies and multiple compensation models: permanent and per diem hires.

Robust & White-Labeled Technology

TAD’s tech platform is powered by VSee, the only approved Telehealth platform on nasa’s space station! VSee is one of the pioneers and leading platforms in telemedicine.

Our Network of Providers

Our diverse network of providers consists of the best clinicians across the country. We can connect you with any specialists who are digitally native and ready to work.


What is TAD and how does it work?

This American Doc (TAD) is a team of physicians and technology experts set out to make healthcare staffing convenient for you. TAD provides access to thousands of physicians online with advanced filtering and sorting mechanisms to find just the right candidate. We take care of all the work needed to hire physicians: credentialing, onboarding, scheduling, salary, contract, training and support. Our solutions cover all your manpower, technology and security needs, so you can focus on giving the best service to your patient/customer.

How can TAD increase our revenue?

TAD is the one stop solution for all your virtual care needs. Here are some ways we can help increase your ROI:

  1. Telehealth consultation: Our team has been in the virtual care industry for over a year now. We know the latest trends and can guide you accordingly.
  2. Physician marketplace: Physicians hiring, credentialing and training is all taken care of by us. This saves you exorbitant recruiting costs while delivering the best care.
  3. Marketing: Our in house marketing team can help in building and marketing your brand.

How quickly can a company launch with TAD providers?

We will adapt to your timelines. Working in the healthcare space we understand the value of time. We have launched some of our major accounts in a matter of days.

What sets TAD apart from other telemedicine staffing and solutions?

TAD offers the whole spectrum of your Telehealth needs. Our provider network, years of experience in the healthcare space and robust technology gives us a competitive edge over other companies.