Chelsea VanderWall D.O.

Family Medicine

1 Years Experience

Alabama , Oklahoma 

Clinical Expertise: general practice

Candace Teruel DNP

Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

15 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Family and critical care

David Smith MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

2 Years Experience

New York 

Clinical Expertise: I am a general internist and treat both acute and chronic medical conditions.

Erick Juarez MD

Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine

9 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Acute conditions


Family Medicine

31 Years Experience

Colorado , Texas 

Clinical Expertise: have done primary care medicine in a full-time clinical setting for over 30 years. Have done health maintenance as well as urgent care. Chronic disease management and acute illness are also things with which I am quite comfortable. As a male physician in clinics that were predominantly staffed with female providers, I provided a lot of men's health care over the years.

Jocelyn Szeto MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

7 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: I am comfortable with all aspects of internal medicine, well versed in outpatient medicine including acute illnesses as well as long term preventative care and everything in between. I am also comfortable with inpatient hospital medicine. I am fellowship trained in primary care sports medicine and one of city's top physician providers in non-operative orthopedics. As part of this I excel in diagnosis, treatment, and management of orthopedic injuries, chronic musculoskeletal complaints, concussions, sports return to play decisions, and all other MSK issues. I feel I am a highly unique and strongly well-rounded primary care provider.

Igor Dorokhine

Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

13 Years Experience

Maryland , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: memory problems, prevention of dementia, polypharmacy

Morgan Jenkins MD


32 Years Experience

California , Florida 

Clinical Expertise: I am comfortable with all aspects of urgent care and telephone consultation of adults and children

Elora Roy Physician

Family Medicine

6 Years Experience

Florida , Maryland 

Clinical Expertise: Women’s health and obesity medicine and general medicine

Richard Burruss MD FACEP

Emergency Medicine

32 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Emergency Medicine Clinical and Administrative Medicine

April Goggans DO

Family Medicine

6 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Sexual Health, Opioid Use Disorder

Erick Falconer M.D.

Emergency Medicine

17 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care

LInda Fagan MD


23 Years Experience

New Jersey 

Clinical Expertise: pelvic pain, birth control management

Sam Hwa Song MD, FACOG


19 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: all matters in pregnancy, pelvic pain, endometriosis, abnormal vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, and sexually transmitted infections,

Asha Kamnani MD


Clinical Expertise: -

Yoram Gutfreund MD

Emergency Medicine

14 Years Experience

Colorado , Florida , New York , North Carolina , Texas , Wyoming

Clinical Expertise: Emergency medicine, urgent care

Steven Gallas D.O.

Family Medicine

12 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine

Mark Henderson MD

Emergency Medicine

20 Years Experience

California , Florida , Indiana , Kentucky 

Clinical Expertise: Emergent and non emergent physical complaints

Musaab Esmael MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

17 Years Experience

Maryland , Virginia , Washington 


Lindsey Bayer D.O.

Emergency Medicine

7 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Emergency

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