Lael Luedtke MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

19 Years Experience

Minnesota , Tennessee , Wisconsin 

Clinical Expertise: I specialize in pediatric orthopedic surgery

Sami Abboud MD


44 Years Experience

New Jersey , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: 35

Robert Jackson MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

16 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: All chronic diseases (HTN, DMII, respiratory infections, viral illness, arthritis etc)

John Channell MD


26 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Obstetrics-Gynecology, Occupational medicine, drug test reviews

John Beuerlein MD, MMM

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Pediatric


Clinical Expertise: -

Ronnie Waldrop MD

Emergency Medicine

29 Years Experience

Alabama , Colorado , Iowa , Louisiana , North Carolina , Tennessee , Texas , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Adult and Pediatric Urgent Care

Kim Zahnke MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine


Clinical Expertise: -

Tim Dibble Md

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

18 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Geriatrics, disease prevention

E Thomas Bernhoffer MD

Family Medicine

24 Years Experience

Kansas , Kentucky , Missouri , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: Family Medicine

Shannon Heinrich DO

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

12 Years Experience

Alabama , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: common illnesses as well as congestive heart failure (CHF), COPD, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc

Efe Iyamu MD, PHD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

11 Years Experience

North Carolina , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: As a board certified internal medicine physician, I specialize in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases in adults. This include but not limited to flu symptoms, headaches, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, Pneumonia, skin diseases, diabetes, arthritis, chest pain, diarrhea, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyper/hypothyroidism, annual physical, metabolic disorders, anemia, STD and urinary track infection, nausea and vomiting etc.

Vidya Pai MD


11 Years Experience

Colorado , Kansas , Missouri , Oklahoma , Tennessee , Texas 

Clinical Expertise: Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Sleep Medicine

Avni Pandya Physician

Family Medicine, Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy, Urgent Care

10 Years Experience

California , Connecticut , Delaware , Florida , Georgia , Indiana , Kansas , Kentucky , Maine , Maryland , Michigan , Minnesota , Mississippi , Missouri , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York , North Carolina , Ohio , Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , South Carolina , Tennessee , Texas , Vermont , West Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Psychiatry fellowship training, urgent care background

Cynthia Netherton MD


35 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: menopause management, general gynecology

Aharon Wolf MD, MPH

Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care

Arizona , Colorado , Connecticut , Florida , Georgia , Hawaii , Maine , Maryland , Minnesota , Missouri , New Mexico , New York , North Carolina , Pennsylvania, South Carolina , Tennessee , Virginia , Washington , Wisconsin 

Clinical Expertise: urgent care, telemedicine, preventive medicine

Julie Reddick

Family Medicine

0 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Post-surgical issues

Michael LoGuidice D.O,FACOEP,MBA

Emergency Medicine

17 Years Experience

Florida , Georgia , North Carolina , South Carolina , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: ALL

Cheryl dezayas MD,DABP


36 Years Experience

Alabama , Arizona , Colorado , Florida , Idaho , Iowa , Maine , Minnesota , Mississippi , Nebraska , New Hampshire , New Mexico , Tennessee , Utah , Washington , West Virginia , Wisconsin , Wyoming

Clinical Expertise: asthma,allergies,ADHD,skin rashes, common infections such as strep, sinus infections swimmer's ear infection,

Adrienne Robertson MD

Family Medicine

9 Years Experience

Louisiana , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: Primary Care, Women's Health, Health Maintenance, Chronic Disease Management

Anthony Avitabile Anthony G Avitabile Jr DO

Family Medicine

20 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: General medicine

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