Allergy & Immunology, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

27 Years Experience

New York , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: Full range of primary care issues with special expertise in Allergy and Asthma

John Abraham MD

Emergency Medicine

7 Years Experience

California , Florida , Maryland , New York , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Acute care

Manel Silva MD MPH

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

10 Years Experience

California , New York 

Clinical Expertise: HIV, Transgender care, LGBT health, sexual health, adolescent medicine, primary care

Bismah Irfan MD

New York 

Clinical Expertise: -

Vladimir Zelenko MD

Family Medicine

19 Years Experience

New York 

Clinical Expertise: All aspects for primary and urgent care

Yoram Gutfreund MD

Emergency Medicine

14 Years Experience

Colorado , Florida , New York , North Carolina , Texas , Wyoming

Clinical Expertise: Emergency medicine, urgent care

Rose Stimmel Psy.D.

Behavioral Health, Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy

New York 

Clinical Expertise: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Trauma

Robert Conkling Medical Doctor

Family Medicine

25 Years Experience

New Jersey , New York , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: Urgent care;skin wounds; burns; occupational medicine; asthma; bronchitis

Rupinder Gill MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Nephrology

11 Years Experience

California , Florida , Georgia , Hawaii , New York , Ohio , Pennsylvania, Wisconsin 

Clinical Expertise: kidney Dicease

Natasha Kelly MD


11 Years Experience

Connecticut , Missouri , New York , Ohio , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: Urgent care, obesity, migraine, occupational medicine, women’s health, General Practice, Pain Managment, cancer genetics, pharmacogenetics

Virginia Phipps DO, MS

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

16 Years Experience

New York , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: Asthma. DM CAD. COPD. PNA. URI. BPH. GIB. AMI.

Ellen Bondar

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

21 Years Experience

New York 

Clinical Expertise: acute and chronic health issuues, preventive medicine, Occupational medicine, tropical medicine

Avni Pandya Physician

Family Medicine, Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy, Urgent Care

10 Years Experience

California , Connecticut , Delaware , Florida , Georgia , Indiana , Kansas , Kentucky , Maine , Maryland , Michigan , Minnesota , Mississippi , Missouri , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York , North Carolina , Ohio , Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , South Carolina , Tennessee , Texas , Vermont , West Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Psychiatry fellowship training, urgent care background

Aharon Wolf MD, MPH

Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care

Arizona , Colorado , Connecticut , Florida , Georgia , Hawaii , Maine , Maryland , Minnesota , Missouri , New Mexico , New York , North Carolina , Pennsylvania, South Carolina , Tennessee , Virginia , Washington , Wisconsin 

Clinical Expertise: urgent care, telemedicine, preventive medicine

Aaron Morgenstein MD


3 Years Experience

Colorado , Georgia , Massachusetts , Nebraska , New Hampshire , New York 

Clinical Expertise: Orthopaedic surgery

Farhan Tahir MD, FACR, ABIHM

New York 

Clinical Expertise: -

Irina Kogan MD

Neurology / Clinical Neurophysiology

New York 

Clinical Expertise: -

Christopher Schaeffer MD, FACP

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

18 Years Experience

New York 

Clinical Expertise: Wide range of adult illnesses in office and hospital settings.

Ajay Mitter MD

Hematology, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Oncology

24 Years Experience

New York , Oklahoma , Texas , West Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: All cancers and blood disorders

Paul Rashid MD

Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy

Florida , New York , West Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: -

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