Grant Dawson MD, FABFM

Family Medicine

33 Years Experience

Massachusetts , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Whole-person care for the whole family (all ages): Integrating evidence-based nutrition/naturopathic treatments together with pharmaceutical treatment in AIM (Augmented Integrative Medicine) approaches across the breadth of prevention + reversal/remission of illness/injury of all ages. Reset/reversal/remission of hormonal imbalance (e.g. Dysmetabolic Syndrome: Type 2 Diabetes + Hypertension + Dyslipidemia + Overweight/obesity); HIMS treatment Low-T / ED / Andropause; HERS treatment of FSAD/HSDD, PMS/PMDD, PCOS, Endometriosis. Acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders. Allergies/sinusitis/sinusitis. Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Inflammatory Bowel Disease; GERD/Gastritis. Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia / brain-fog.

Phyllis Chen

Emergency Medicine

25 Years Experience

Massachusetts , New York 

Clinical Expertise: allergies, hay fever, mild asthma, rashes

Angus Michaels M.D.

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Preventive Medicine

19 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Treating Medical conditions by non-surgical means.

Charles Popper MD

Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy


Clinical Expertise: -

Sarita Nori MD


15 Years Experience

Maine , Massachusetts 

Clinical Expertise: Skin cancers, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, seborreic dermatitis, eczema, contact dermatitis, rashes, hair and nail issues. All skin related issues.

Brigida Call MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

35 Years Experience

Florida , Massachusetts 

Clinical Expertise: Adult medicine

John Calicchia Ph.D.

Psychiatry / psychology / psychotherapy /

31 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: ADHD, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, behavioral problems in children

Theodore Lefer MD

Family Medicine

5 Years Experience

Massachusetts , New Hampshire , Oregon , Vermont 

Clinical Expertise: Primary care and additional specialization in obesity medicine

Atsushi Endo MD MPH

Urgent Care

4 Years Experience

California , Florida , Massachusetts , Michigan 

Clinical Expertise: Musculoskeletal injury/disease

Jenny A Barnum RN, MSN, ANP-BC

Emergency Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Occupational medicine, Psychiatry / psychology / psychotherapy

13 Years Experience

Massachusetts , New York 

Clinical Expertise: From ER to Psych to Hem/Onc to Professor in Undergrad/Grad teaching to Internal Med to telepsych to telehealth to Community work with refugee populations to got the idea!

Laurence Klein MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

39 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Preventative care, chronic disease, urgent care

Yahaida Rimola-DeJesus Yahaida Rimola-DeJesus, DO

Family Medicine

12 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: urgent care, womens health, child/adolescent health, chronic disease management

Robert Cooper


22 Years Experience

Connecticut , Massachusetts , New Jersey , New York , Pennsylvania, South Dakota , Wisconsin 

Clinical Expertise: all endocrinology outpatient and inpatient

Robert Williams PA-C

Family Medicine, Urgent Care

3 Years Experience

Maryland , Massachusetts , New Jersey , North Carolina 

Clinical Expertise: Primary care, urgent care setting clinical expertise. Expertise in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses. Expertise in managing traumatic injuries, with suturing, stapling, and splinting. Expertise in prescribing and medication management.

Pooja Aysola MD

Emergency Medicine

4 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Emergency Medicine

Angelica Belo MD


10 Years Experience

Massachusetts , Texas 

Clinical Expertise: All disorders related to the stomach, colon, small bowel, pancreas and liver

David Marquis Doctor of Osteopathy

Emergency Medicine

19 Years Experience

Alaska , California , Connecticut , Delaware , Florida , Illinois, Maine , Massachusetts , New Jersey , New York , Ohio , Oklahoma , Pennsylvania, Virginia , Washington 

Clinical Expertise: General medicine, weight loss, lifestyle modifications, emergency medicine

Kathryn Gunnison MD


9 Years Experience

California , Massachusetts 

Clinical Expertise: Women's Health, Prenatal Care

Feyisara akanki-Ahmad MD

Family Medicine

8 Years Experience

Massachusetts , Texas 

Clinical Expertise: Diabetes, Hypertension, Women's Health, Health Maintenance, etc

Natalia B. Whitman M.D.

Neurology / Clinical Neurophysiology


Clinical Expertise: -

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