Lisa Makrides

Anesthesiology, Wound Care

17 Years Experience

Maryland , New Jersey , New York , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: I am a board certified anesthesiologist practicing chronic pain management as well as medical marijuana certification, wound care, cosmetic medicine and telemedicine


Emergency Medicine, Wound Care

29 Years Experience

Arizona , California , Hawaii 

Clinical Expertise: ALL ORGAN SYSTEMS

Nicole Agostinelli MD

Emergency Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care, Wound Care

8 Years Experience

California , Hawaii , New York , Pennsylvania, Texas 

Clinical Expertise: emergency medicine, urgent care, dive medicine, hyperbaric medicine, preventive medicine

Sury Jairaj MD

, Wound Care

41 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: All aspects of woundcare

Wesley Valdes DO

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Wound Care

California , Utah 

Clinical Expertise: -