Rex Noble PA-C,

Orthopedic Surgeon, Pediatric, Urgent Care

13 Years Experience

, Florida , New York , North Carolina 

Clinical Expertise: Fractures, back pain, chronic pain, urgent care

Samreena Sara MD

Family Medicine, Urgent Care

5 Years Experience

Florida , Louisiana , New York 

Clinical Expertise: Upper respiratory, sinusitis, Bronchitis, pneumonia, Asthma, HTN, COPD, DM, HLD, Rashes.

Adrienne Charles MD

Urgent Care

18 Years Experience

Maryland , Washington 

Clinical Expertise: Sexually transmitted infections

Avni Pandya Physician

Family Medicine, Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy, Urgent Care

11 Years Experience

California , Connecticut , Delaware , Florida , Georgia , Indiana , Kansas , Kentucky , Maine , Maryland , Michigan , Minnesota , Mississippi , Missouri , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York , North Carolina , Ohio , Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , South Carolina , Tennessee , Texas , Vermont , West Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Psychiatry fellowship training, urgent care background

Daniel Deakter M.D.

Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Urgent Care

38 Years Experience

Florida , Louisiana , Pennsylvania, Texas 

Clinical Expertise: URI,stuffy runny nose, Colds, Sore throat, Pink eye, Rashes, Sprains, headaches, diarrhea,burning on urination, frequency,

Yonie Edouard Physician Assistant

Urgent Care

5 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: All urgent care and primary care needs. Also, internal medicine experience.

Priyantha Wijayagunaratne MD

Urgent Care

29 Years Experience

California , Michigan , Wyoming

Clinical Expertise: Primary care

Jonathan Hood MD

Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Urgent Care

34 Years Experience

Alabama , Iowa , Wyoming

Clinical Expertise: General Medicine

Gabriel Spring MD

Family Medicine, Urgent Care

12 Years Experience

Maryland , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Bumps, bruises, coughs, injuries, urinary tract infections, sexually-transmitted infections, skin infections, rashes, eye problems, fevers.

Linda Rayner MD

Georgia , Hawaii 

Clinical Expertise: -

Sarah Alailima-Utu Hall MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care

26 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Occupational, Worker's Comp, First Injury Reports, DOT exams, Primary Care-Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.; Urgent Care-URI's, UTI's, etc.

Shan Fairbanks DO

Family Medicine, Urgent Care

5 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Acute/Chronic Medical Conditions, Sports Medicine (Sprains, Strains, Fractures, MSK US diagnostic/interventional)

Vanessa Pearson MD, MPH

Epidemiology, Family Medicine, Occupational medicine, Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care, Wound Care

10 Years Experience

Missouri , Oklahoma 

Clinical Expertise: General Medicine, Aerospace Medicine, Epidemiology, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Public Health, Wound Care

Jon Kaspari

Family Medicine, Urgent Care

40 Years Experience

Florida , Minnesota , North Dakota , South Dakota 

Clinical Expertise: Emergency care and urgent care needs for 37 years

Nicholas Raubitschek MD

Family Medicine, Urgent Care

5 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Full spectrum primary care, urgent care, travel medicine, tropical medicine

Khurram Khan MD

Anesthesiology, Geriatric Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Rheumatology, Urgent Care

11 Years Experience

California , Michigan 

Clinical Expertise: Pain medicine, Palliative Medicine, Brain injury, Geriatrics, Spinal disorder, headache and orofacial pain,

Ken Schroeter DO, FAAP, FACOP

Urgent Care

27 Years Experience

New Hampshire , Vermont 

Clinical Expertise: Pediatrics

Nancy Peplau

Urgent Care

28 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Urgent care for ages 6 months - end of life

Nathan Wigner MD PhD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Urgent Care

8 Years Experience

Ohio , Washington 

Clinical Expertise: I've been working in urgent care since finishing my fellowship in orthopaedic spine surgery

Ghassan Ghata MD

Family Medicine, Pediatric, Urgent Care

43 Years Experience

Florida , Nebraska , New York , Pennsylvania, Wisconsin 

Clinical Expertise: Primary call all ages adult and pediatric

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