Ronald Kapp MD, PhD

Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine

35 Years Experience

California , Colorado , Texas , Wyoming

Clinical Expertise: Dr. Kapp is a clinical research physician and practicing bio-gerontologist in the field of Wellness & Longevity.

Heather S. Hammerstedt MD, MPH, FACEP

Emergency Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine

California , Idaho , Oregon 

Clinical Expertise: Emergency Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine

Bob Harding Bob Harding DO FACEP

Emergency Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine

13 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Health optimization and lifestyle medicine. Emergency medicine and urgent care

Tod Work Nurse Practitioner

Family Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine

2 Years Experience

Arizona , Idaho , Iowa , Montana, Nebraska , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Mexico , North Dakota , Oregon , Utah , Washington , Wyoming

Clinical Expertise: Erectile dysfunction, Cold and Cough, Anxiety issues, Sleep issues, acne, skin care

Christopher Pederson MD

Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care

32 Years Experience

Arizona , California , Florida , Nevada , New Mexico , New York , Oregon 

Clinical Expertise: Disease prevention, hormonal balance including thyroid, testosterone, estrogen/progesterone issues, Occupational Health, Sports Medicine

Alexander Batchev D.O.

Family Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, OBGYN

22 Years Experience

Michigan , Ohio , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: general ob/gyn, stress, hypertension, obesity, hyperlipidemia

Lisa Bryant ND

Family Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine

6 Years Experience

Oregon , Washington 

Clinical Expertise: Chronic fatigue, menopause, hormone imbalance, digestive issues, headaches, weight management

Don Pham DO

Lifestyle Medicine

4 Years Experience

California , Florida , Michigan , Minnesota 

Clinical Expertise: Regenerative Medicine, Telemedicine

Rushia Butler MD

Family Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine

19 Years Experience

Illinois, Indiana , Maryland 

Clinical Expertise: Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine

Jason Miller MD

Anesthesiology, Lifestyle Medicine

14 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Pain, Regenerative Medicine

Michele Duffy DNP

Family Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Urgent Care

10 Years Experience

Colorado , Iowa , Minnesota , Nebraska , South Carolina 

Clinical Expertise: Autoimmune, Dementia prevention, Microbiome improvement, Post-cancer treatment recovery, Health optimization

Shannon Green DC

Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine

2 Years Experience

Arkansas , Missouri 

Clinical Expertise: Musculoskeletal and neurological disorders

Nicole Agostinelli MD

Emergency Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care, Wound Care

8 Years Experience

California , Hawaii , New York , Pennsylvania, Texas 

Clinical Expertise: emergency medicine, urgent care, dive medicine, hyperbaric medicine, preventive medicine