Aditya Venkataraman M.D.


7 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Critical care illness and perioperative medicine

Jason Miller MD

Anesthesiology, Lifestyle Medicine

15 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Pain, Regenerative Medicine

Dennis Reilly Do


15 Years Experience

Arizona , New Jersey , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: Pain management and PRP

Kristen Williams MD, MPH

Anesthesiology, Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine

6 Years Experience

Florida , Oklahoma 

Clinical Expertise: Special interest in chronic disease management, weight management, aesthetic medicine

Orlando Landrum M.D./MBA

Illinois, Indiana , Michigan 

Clinical Expertise: -

Alan dror md


33 Years Experience

California , Nevada 

Clinical Expertise: i did half an internal medicine residency at ucla sfvp, in addition to my anesthesia residency at Yale, and am comfortable with myriad complex medical condtions, ranging from medical icu issues, to more common general practice ailments

Lisa Makrides

Anesthesiology, Wound Care

18 Years Experience

Maryland , New Jersey , New York , Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise: I am a board certified anesthesiologist practicing chronic pain management as well as medical marijuana certification, wound care, cosmetic medicine and telemedicine

James Coleman MD


23 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: 22 years of experience as an Anesthesiologist. Have been doing general practice as well since 2016 including telemedicine for one year.

Bonelle Klinger MD


11 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Anesthesiology, pediatric and adult