Khurram Khan MD

Anesthesiology, Geriatric Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Rheumatology, Urgent Care

11 Years Experience

California , Michigan 

Clinical Expertise: Pain medicine, Palliative Medicine, Brain injury, Geriatrics, Spinal disorder, headache and orofacial pain,

Andrea Bretal MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

23 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Obesity, Overweight, Diabetes Type 2, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome

Michael Seawell MD

Cardiology, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

10 Years Experience

Florida , Texas 

Clinical Expertise: Cardiovascular diseases, urgent care, all internal medicine

Catherine North Physician

Family Medicine

23 Years Experience

New York 

Clinical Expertise: Chronic medical care including bronchitis, pneumonia, UTI's, etc.

Karen Knowles MD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

12 Years Experience

Alabama , Arkansas , Mississippi , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: general medical conditions

Grant Dawson MD, FABFM

Family Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine, Pediatric, Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy, Urgent Care

33 Years Experience

Massachusetts , Virginia , West Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Integrating evidence-based nutrition/naturopathic treatments together with pharmaceutical treatment in AIM (Augmented Integrative Medicine) approaches across the breadth of prevention + reversal/remission of illness/injury of all ages. Reset/reversal/remission of hormonal imbalance (e.g. Dysmetabolic Syndrome: Type 2 Diabetes + Hypertension + Dyslipidemia + Overweight/obesity); HIMS treatment Low-T / ED / Andropause; HERS treatment of FSAD/HSDD, PMS/PMDD, PCOS, Endometriosis. Acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders. Allergies/sinusitis/sinusitis. Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Inflammatory Bowel Disease; GERD/Gastritis. Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia / brain-fog.

Valerie Goodman DO

Family Medicine

19 Years Experience

Delaware , Maryland 

Clinical Expertise: General medicine for new borns to elderly.

Mahsheed Shariati Dr

Family Medicine

13 Years Experience

California , Maine , Utah 

Clinical Expertise: Urgent care

Amarinder Singh MD

Hospitalist, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

11 Years Experience

Connecticut , Kansas , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: I am able to treat everything which a general practitioner can do

Robert Henley MD

Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

30 Years Experience

Kansas , Missouri 

Clinical Expertise: Emergency Medicine

Anitha Garlapati mD

Internal Medicine / Integrative Medicine

17 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Adult medicine and geriatric

Archana Trivedi MD

Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy


Clinical Expertise: -



31 Years Experience

New York 

Clinical Expertise: Administered general / regional anesthesia for a broad spectrum of cases and ages.

Susan Daly M.D.

Psychiatry / psychology / psychotherapy /

35 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Depression, Anxiety

Kenneth McIntyre Kenneth M. McIntyre, MD, PC

Family Medicine

33 Years Experience

South Carolina , Texas , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: Full time Urgent Care Internal Medicine Wound Care

Olu Gisanrin M.D.

Family Medicine

14 Years Experience

California , Florida , New York , North Carolina , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: URGENT CARE

Dr. Andrea Cole Raub D.O

Family Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine

20 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: all adult medical issues , bioidentical hormone, functionaal medicine genomics , pharmacogenetics

Bradford Cottrell MD

Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care

11 Years Experience

Indiana , Kentucky , Michigan , Minnesota , New Jersey 

Clinical Expertise: I am experienced in emergency medicine, urgent care, occupational medicine, and utilization review.

Shannon Ellis DO, MPH

Preventive Medicine

14 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Urgent care, chronic care, public health

Eugenio Bacani MD

Family Medicine

31 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Urgent care experience of 30 years. Diagnosis and treatment of acute infectious disease; respiratory, dermatological, STI, urological, gynecological, gastrointestinal. Comfortable in treating infants, children, teen and adults. I have extensive experience in travel medicine. Up to date on current vaccine recommendations. Ability to recognize clinical 'red flags' that require higher level of immediate or emergent care.

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