Jason Miller MD

Anesthesiology, Lifestyle Medicine

15 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: Pain, Regenerative Medicine

Olu Gisanrin M.D.

Family Medicine

14 Years Experience

California , Florida , New York , North Carolina , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: URGENT CARE

Scott Roberts DO

Urgent Care

2 Years Experience

California , Michigan 

Clinical Expertise: All urgent Care and Internal medicine required expertise

Imran Uddin Doctor of Osteopathy

Urgent Care

5 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: respiratory infections AND musculoskeletal

Joe Haines MD

Family Medicine

31 Years Experience

Arkansas , Florida , North Carolina , South Carolina , Virginia 

Clinical Expertise: family medicine


Family Medicine, Pediatric

21 Years Experience

Delaware , Illinois, New Jersey , Tennessee 

Clinical Expertise: Family Practice, Pediatric

Samit Patel Samit Ashok Patel, DO, MBA, FACOG

Colorado , Georgia 

Clinical Expertise: OB/GYN

Jennifer D'Andrea Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified

Nevada , Washington 

Clinical Expertise: Urgent Care

Nicole Agostinelli MD

Emergency Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Urgent Care, Wound Care

9 Years Experience

California , Hawaii , New York , Pennsylvania, Texas 

Clinical Expertise: emergency medicine, urgent care, dive medicine, hyperbaric medicine, preventive medicine

Rashid M. Rashid M.D., Ph.D

Clinical Expertise: skin cancer, skin rashes, acne, and all general medical dermatology issues

William Adams MD

Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy


Clinical Expertise: -

Robert Cooper


22 Years Experience

Connecticut , Massachusetts , New Jersey , New York , Pennsylvania, South Dakota , Wisconsin 

Clinical Expertise: all endocrinology outpatient and inpatient

Emmanuel Sabangan MD

Family Medicine

26 Years Experience

California , Nevada , Texas 

Clinical Expertise: adult office primary care

Yasmin Pirani Md facc

Family Medicine

11 Years Experience

California , Washington 

Clinical Expertise: All

Irina Feldman MD

Family Medicine

16 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: family care and integrative medicine

Sunil Singh MD

Geriatric Medicine, Neurology / Clinical Neurophysiology

30 Years Experience

New Jersey 

Clinical Expertise: 29

Eric Earnshaw DO

Family Medicine

3 Years Experience


Clinical Expertise: General practice

EmoLogic Clinic Psychiatrist Office

Psychiatry / psychotherapy / Pharmacotherapy

11 Years Experience

Kansas , Missouri 

Clinical Expertise: All ages over 6 years old

Walter Nickel II DO

Family Medicine

3 Years Experience

Nebraska , North Carolina 

Clinical Expertise: General Medicine

Michael Nirenstein MD

Urgent Care

7 Years Experience

South Carolina 

Clinical Expertise: Acute illnesses, management of chronic diseases, med refills,

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