This American Doc a Big Hit at ATA 2017 & HM17

This American Doc (TAD) – the first physician-owned and led online marketplace for telemedicine and locum medical staffing made a huge splash at this year’s flagship events for both telemedicine and hospital medicine!

At both the American Telemedicine Association 2017 Conference and the Hospital Medicine 2017 Conference TAD drew in crowds of physicians excited about the possibilities of how a high quality telemedicine physician network can help fight the doctor shortage “fires” we’re facing across the US today.

As a network of top-ranked physicians “firefighters” that provide both online and offline medical services, TAD acts as a virtual “fire station” for medical care. Hospitals scrambling to find physicians can turn to TAD to quickly find high quality doctors in any number of specialties. Physicians looking to cut down on paperwork and to find more job flexibility are empowered to practice medicine the way they’ve always wanted.

How TAD Helps Hospitals:

  • access to hundreds and thousands of physician profiles online with advanced filtering and sorting mechanisms to find just the right candidate.
  • ability to allocate resources more efficiently with dynamic pricing.

How TAD Helps Doctors:

  • virtual scribes, assistants and medical coders to deal with EMRs, applications, and other paperwork.
  • access to the latest locum assignments and even showed hospital reviews by other locums
  • marketing experts to help grow their online presence and reputation
  • a telemedicine platform to do remote consults and maintain relations with hospitals
  • the chance to be a partner in the company.

It is the people who make TAD special. Thanks to our physician partners for your enthusiastic support and it was great to meet you in person. Thanks to our speakers for sharing your ideas and experience in healthcare innovation.

We are at the start of a great journey. Together, let’s take telehealth innovations to the next level.

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